2013 - Modulus Robots 

The command keyboard controls the robots. It has selectable modes for each of the robot versions and for connecting it to an external computer. The key sets on each side can be covered with label sheets with key commands for the corresponding robot versions.
Modulus - Base - 013
Modulus - Base - 014
Modulus - Base - 015
Modulus - Base - 017
Modulus - Base - 018
Underneath the command keyboard is an RS232 port for connecting it to an external computer with the connection cable that comes standard with the command keyboard.

The other end of the cable has a user port plug for the Commodore 64/128 personal computers. By selecting the proper mode, the robot can be controlled and programmed wirelessly through the external computer. The function keys on the computer also control any accessories connected to the robot's auxiliary port.

See the Modulus demo page for program examples for the radio frequency connection.
The command keyboard has 36 keys that can be programmed to control different robot functions.