2013 - Modulus Robots 

The arm has 6 degrees of freedom and is controlled by a multi-microprocessor system. The hand is able to carry heavy objects up to 500 grams.
Moddy comes standard with two mirrored arms, and one arm can be added to the Service & Security robot.
The arms were designed with a clever system that uses the same parts for both the left and right arm, greatly reducing the number of parts type needed.

The unused coupling holes in the arm are then closed up by three cover plates of two different sizes.
The upper arm part, assembled and disassembled, inside and outside.
The shoulder motor cluster consists of two motors for horizontal and vertical shoulder movements.
The motor shaft fits into clamps in Moddy's torso, and into a fitted hole in the center of the Techno-Cake.
A black sheet covers the inside of the shaft slot and slides inside it when the shoulder moves vertically.
The coupling has access holes for the bracket screws, and mounting holes for the forearm screws.
The elbow motor consists of parts that can be rearranged for moving both the left and right arm.
A rotating coupling inside two mounting brackets connect the upper arm to the forearm.
The forearm part, assembled and disassembled, inside and outside.
The motor rod connects to a worm gear housing that also contains a limit switch for the wrist movement.
A keyed coupling connects the hand to the wrist gears.
The wrist motor is located at the elbow and transfers its motion along a metal rod that connects to the wrist.
The hand part, assembled and disassembled, inside and outside.
The hand contains two motors where one rotates the gripper, and the other opens and closes it.
The arm contains two circuit boards of the type 8658. The letter B indicates it is the second revision, and the numbers above indicates it was made during September 1987.

All four circuit boards used for the left and right arm are the same with different solder jumper settings that determine which part of the arm the board controls. See the picture diagram above to determine each version if the label is missing or you need to change the board setting.
The speed and position of each arm motor is monitored by a series of optical encoder circuit boards.

The larger motors for the shoulder and elbow are equipped with 8604 circuit boards, and the smaller motors for the wrist and gripper are equipped with 8617  circuit boards.
The gripper housing part, assembled and disassembled, inside and outside.
The circuit boards are mounted above the upper arm motors, and sideways over the wrist motor shaft.
The inner hinged plates connect to a pulling block that connects to the motor that opens and closes the gripper.
The rubberized gripper tips are mounted over four hinged plates of two different types.
The gripper can open
up to an inside diameter
of 9 centimeters,
or 3 1/2 inches wide.
Arm - 001
Arm - 002
Arm - 003
Arm - 004
Arm - 005
Arm - 006
Arm - 007
Arm - 008
Arm - 009
Arm - 010
Arm - 011
Arm - 012
Arm - 013
Arm - 014
Arm - 015
Arm - 016
Arm - 017
Arm - 018
Arm - 019
Arm - 020
Arm - 021
Arm - 022
Arm - 023
Arm - 024
Arm - 025
Arm - 026
Arm - 027
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Arm - 029
Arm - 030
Arm - 031
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Arm - 049
Arm - 050
Arm - 051
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