2013 - Modulus Robots 

Do you have any information about the Modulus robot project? Then please contact me at jehudahdesign@hotmail.com.

Below is a list of various information I am searching for.
- Why was the Modulus robot project ended before it was completed?

- Was a torso display ever made for Moddy?

- Were more parts planned for Moddy's head and eyes?

- Was Moddy's torso eventually going to be able to bend as planned on the prototype?

- How many different types of Techno-Cake slices were made?

- Were the meteo station, positioning & navigation, sound source finder,
  and the human finder/follower slices ever made?

- How many Modulus robots were made?

- Were any chapters after chapter G written for the user manual?

- Was an original English version of the user manual ever written?

- Was the vacuum cleaner and attachment ever made?

- Who created the Modulus prototype, did it work in any way, and where is it today?