2013 - Modulus Robots 

Do you have any Modulus robots or equipment you don't need? Then please contact me at jehudahdesign@hotmail.com.

Below is a list of robots and equipment I am searching for.
- Any type of Modulus robot and accessories.

- Service & Security robot with the head.

- Service & Security robot with the original shoulder cover, or a loose shoulder cover, either black or gray.

- Techno-Cake slices of any type, including blank ones.

- Modulus robot parts of any type.

- Circuit boards of any type.

- An original Moddy torso display if it was ever produced.

- Magazines containing articles about the Modulus robots.

- Modulus related advertisement items.

- Blueprints and plan drawings

- Factory equipment used for the production of the robots.

- The Modulus prototype, if still around and for sale.