The Base unit can be added to for different functions. As it stands, it can be used in hobbies as a home computer, self propelled peripheral, and can be useful to people wanting to learn how to program robots. The simplest attachments which can be connected to the Base unit are a vacuum cleaner and a plotter-mechanism that uses felt pens to produce drawings of considerable precision.
Modulus - Base - 001
Modulus - Base - 002
Modulus - Base - 003
Modulus - Base - 004
All four sides of the Base robot.

Base stands at approximately 18 centimeters or 7 inches tall.

Base has a diameter of approximately 35 centimeters or
13 3/4 inches.
Modulus - Base - 005
Modulus - Base - 006
A large transparent dome covers the faceplate of the Base robot.
Underneath the dome is the faceplate of the Base robot with several indicating LEDs that display the power level, motor direction, and more.
Modulus - Base - 007
Modulus - Base - 008
Modulus - Base - 009
Modulus - Base - 010
Three LEDs next to a small battery symbol indicate the power level of the batteries.

The bright arrow above it indicates if the robot is moving backwards.
The green square on the front of the faceplate indicates that the robot has been powered on.

The bright arrow next to it indicates if the robot is moving forward.
The Modulus logo can also be seen on the faceplate, next to a dark transparent cube.
Two bright green bars indicate with LEDs which motors are rolling in which direction. Four red indicators display if the robot has hit an object with one of its bumpers. The bumpers are pre-programmed to stop all motor activity should they detect an obstacle. See the base page for more information.
Modulus - Base - 011
Modulus - Base - 012
The left side of the base houses the user ports. On top is the auxiliary port for various accessories. Underneath is the power supply port, and on the side are the ports for the humidity probe and the cable link.
The right side of the base houses the robot's power switch. Pushing the switch to the downward position powers the robot on.
 2013 - Modulus Robots 

The robot with the RF-Command Keyboard. See the Command Keyboard page for more information.
Modulus - Base - 016