Modulus - Moddy - 001
Modulus - Moddy - 002
Modulus - Moddy - 003
Modulus - Moddy - 004
All four sides of Moddy with the arms in compact mode.

Moddy stands at approximately 76 centimeters or 30 inches tall.
Modulus - Moddy - 005
Modulus - Moddy - 006
Modulus - Moddy - 007
Modulus - Moddy - 008
Moddy has big, blue eyes underneath a transparent face dome.

The neck has a spring loaded ball joint that allows you to position Moddy's head in any direction.

See the head page for more information.
Modulus - Moddy - 009
Modulus - Moddy - 010
Moddy's lower neck and back curve with several angled steps.
The hexadecimal display can show useful information such as words, phrases, and program codes. This earlier Moddy robot has a frosted display window since it was not equipped with the hexadecimal display that was possibly never produced by Sirius.
See the torso page for more information.
Modulus - Moddy - 012
Moddy's torso is equipped with two rubber rings for quick access into its torso cavity for adding and replacing parts.

Seen above is the housing for the motor gears that move Moddy's shoulders horizontally.
Modulus - Moddy - 013
Modulus - Moddy - 014
Modulus - Moddy - 015
Modulus - Moddy - 016
Modulus - Moddy - 017
Modulus - Moddy - 018
Modulus - Moddy - 019
Modulus - Moddy - 020
Modulus - Moddy - 021
Modulus - Moddy - 022
Modulus - Moddy - 023
Modulus - Moddy - 024
Moddy's grippers can also rotate for pouring drinks, and more.
Moddy's grippers have a conciderable gripping force and can lift around 500 grams.
Smaller motors inside the forearms move the wrists up and down.
Large motors inside the arms move the elbows
up and down.
The second set of motors inside the arms move the shoulders vertically.
The first set of motors inside the torso move the shoulders horizontally.
Modulus - Moddy - 025
Modulus - Moddy - 026
Modulus - Moddy - 027
Modulus - Moddy - 028
Modulus - Moddy - 029
Modulus - Moddy - 030
Modulus - Moddy - 031
Modulus - Moddy - 032
Modulus - Moddy - 033
Modulus - Moddy - 034
Modulus - Moddy - 035
Modulus - Moddy - 036
 2013 - Modulus Robots 

Next to other personal robots from the same era, Moddy has quite strong and versatile arms.
The home security slice that comes standard with Moddy is equipped with power indicating LEDs, ultrasonic sensors, infrared communication, an alarm siren, and a detector for smoke and gas.
The memory expansion slice that comes standard with Moddy is equipped with a 7-pin plug that attaches to an RS-232 serial interface cable. The slice also internally connects to the ROM expansion and home security slices.
The voice slice is equipped with an SP-1000 speech synthesis and speech recognition chip. The speech synthesis has an unlimited vocabulary with pre-programmed allophones. The sound source finder slice was possibly used for the speech recognition function.
The base has 8 built-in bumpers that can be programmed to respond to touch or even avoid obstacles for a simple autonomous behavior. The pre-set function of the bumpers stops all motor motion if an object or touch is detected.
Moddy can perform many tasks in the household, including carrying trays, pouring drinks, and more.
The left side of the base houses the user ports. On top is the auxiliary port for various accessories. Underneath is the power supply port, and on the side are the ports for the humidity probe and the cable link.
The right side of the base houses the robot's power switch. Pushing the switch to the downward position powers the robot on.
Modulus - Moddy - 040
The robot with the RF-Command Keyboard. See the Command Keyboard page for more information.
Moddy is the most advanced version of the robot. It is obtained by adding a torso, two arms, and a head onto the Techno-Cake and base. It is fitted with a phonemes synthesizer, speech recognition, infra-red communication, memory expansion, and a home security module that allows the robot to signal the presence of smoke, gas, and intruders. Two arms with ample freedom of movement and considerable gripping power can be used to carry trays or other items.
Modulus - Moddy - 011